Product Hi-light


“Nam Prik Mae Suphen” is distinguishing in the strong flavor. We particularly select only natural raw material without additives or artificial synthetic and exclude the allergenic material especially in the export products. Meanwhile, “Nam Prik Mae Suphen” with the original strong flavor is divided into 3 types of products:

  • Curry paste for example, Panaeng dry curry paste, Curry paste, Kaeng Som (sour and hot soup)...(more)
  • Cooking Paste for example, Nam Prik Pao, Pad Kra Prao sauce, Tom Yum powder ...(more)
  • Sauce for example, Sauce for roasted chicken...(more)
  • Other seasoning for example, Real Shrimp Paste, Curry powder, Real ground chili ...(more)

The latest developed products and the popular products are Khua Kling, Prik Nam Man (Chili in oil) Pad Thai sauce, Green Curry and Kaeng Tai Pla.