“Nam Prik Mae Supen”  is originated from the flavor of the southern food recipe (Chumporn Province) which is the strong but delicious chili paste.  It was first introduced at food stalls before expanded to Pran Nok Market both in retail and wholesale shops.  Finally, it is sold to the food manufacturers. The secret behind the delicious taste of “Nam Prik Mae Suphen” is not only the natural raw material but the product also added the local intellectual technology like “the chili grinding”. The grinding machine was developed specially for chili grinding which increased the flavor, smell and fine texture to the good quality of chili paste with uniquely satisfy the customers for ages.

          The food cultural mix with the manufacturing technology became the starting point of the expanding business which has grown up until now.  Presently, “Nam Prik Mae Suphen” is well acceptable among the food manufactures and builds up the standard of manufacturing and exporting to the oversea market like Japan and other countries in Asia region as well as Oceania Zone.  Recently, we are preparing for the readiness to expand our business to the European Market and other regions.